General discription

In order to train the first J.Leaguer, based on the concept of providing the opportunity for young players to realize their dreams, ‘Football Clinic’ aims to show young players how wonderful J.League is and set up an environment in which young players in southeast Asia can aim to become J.League players. In addition, by visiting local leagues in southeast Asian countries, scouting and making lists of promising players, JDFA will approach every J.League club to promote those players. JDFA provides young players with the chance to realize their dreams; at the same time, JDFA will also contribute to football businesses in both Japan and the other Asian countries.

Contents of Activities

Schedule for 2021

March Football Clinic in Thonburi , Thailand
August Football Clinic in Assumption, Thailand
November Football Clinic in Pattana, Thailand

・JDFA visits local leagues in southeast Asian countries
・JDFA will also conduct the Football Clinic outside of southeast Asian countries