Japan Dream Football Association

Representative Director : Masao Kiba

Born on September 6th,1974.Awaji city, Hyogo, Japan.

1993 Graduated from Takigawa Daini High school.
1993-2004 played for the J.League club ‘Gamba Osaka’
(Masao Kiba was the captain during 2001-2003)
2005 Abisupa Fukuoka
2006 Valiente Toyama(local league),a player and a coach
2007 FC-Mio Biwako(local league),a player and a coach
2008-2010 Customs FC (Thailand League)

For twelve years, Masao Kiba was playing football as a player in Gamba Osaka, J. League. He played a total of 284 games in the League with many prominent Japanese players such as Endo, Miyamoto, and Inamoto. He played as the captain of Gamba Osaka for three years(2001-2003). After retiring in 2005, he was a player and a coach simultaneously for two years(2006-2007). In 2008, he made a contract with Customs FC(Thailand League) as a player. After three years he retired. In September, 2011, Masao Kiba established Japan Dream Football Association so that all young players in southeast Asia can hope to become J. League players; at the same time, JDFA will take action to inspire football businesses in both Japan and the other Asian countries.In 2012 J-League Asia Ambassador Inaugurated