JDFA character, Football Player Jagapote-Kamen.

“J” Dream ProJect 

  While thinking about my future plans, I considered how my knowledge of football would enable me to contribute my own experience to promising young players. I also hope to convey my thoughts on football to them since retiring as a professional football player last year. What I felt after experiencing both the Japanese and Thailand Leagues is that Japanese one is a far more sophisticated than the other leagues in southeast Asia. I came to realize that training as the first J Leaguer from Southeast Asia is the best way for me to make use of everything I learned through football; therefore, I decided to set up this project.

  All Asians respect the Japanese J.League and they also hope to play football there. In fact, when I was playing in the Thailand League, it was clear how sophisticated the J.League is compared to the other leagues in Asia both in terms of quality of players and the environment they play in.

  My dream is to set up programs that train players in southeast Asia so they can aim to become professional J League players. The other reason to make this proposal is that I felt Thailand players have the talent to play in the J. League. Recently, many Japanese players have had the chance to play football in the European Leagues and it’s clear that the quality and the value of Japanese football players has improved during the past several years. Needless to say, that is due to the players that have traveled to the European Leagues and played outstandingly for more than a decade. If Southeast Asian players get the chance to prove themselves in the J.League, the value and the quality of southeast Asian players will also improve. This will cause a big impact to various kinds of businesses which will consequently make Japanese and Asian football reach a higher level and become more popular throughout the world.

  For the first stage of my proposal, I plan to visit southeast Asian countries and show promising young players how admirable J. League is through a ‘Football clinic.’ Its main purpose is to inspire young players to play football so that they can feel that it’s possible for every player to make their dreams come true no matter what environment they are in. Furthermore, I plan to prepare an environment in which children can aim to play in J. League. Meanwhile, by scouting Thai players and approaching J. League clubs, I would like to encourage J. League clubs to obtain skillful Thai players. Every player has an equal chance and possibility to be successful. I will make sure all players realize their potential and definitely make both my dreams and the players dreams come true!!


Japan Dream Football Association

Representative Director Masao Kiba